Being a Subject Expert Doesn’t Automatically Make You an Expert Manager

It seems like common sense – promote your brightest experts to team manager or department head and boost your organization’s performance. But are your subject experts trained in how to effectively lead and inspire a team?

RealizeU equips managers with effective and practical leadership skills to bring the best out of their employees and handle workplace challenges with confidence and empathy.

We train leaders in clear and effective communication, establishing workplace conditions that foster success, team alignment, resilient workplace culture, coaching and mentorship, and more. Using applied industry insights based on our ongoing cross-sectoral experience, our instructors provide practical tools and strategies to help managers create thriving teams where employees are empowered and supported in bringing their best to your organization.

2023 Open Courses

Intensive 3-hour Live Online Workshops
with Industry Experts

(taxes included)

Our Live Learning Workshops offer you direct access to our practicing industry experts. Students are encouraged to bring their questions and scenarios to examine during our intensive workshops for direct feedback and advice.

Essentials of Governance

with Jennifer Fong
Realize Consultant

FALL 2022, WINTER 2023, SPRING 2023

Enhancing Your Organizational Culture: Realize Employee Experience Framework™

with Laurie Wilson
Realize Consultant

FALL 2022, WINTER 2023, SPRING 2023

Respectful Conversations for Difficult Topics

with Alison Marshall (Realize Principal Consultant) and Laurie Wilson (Realize Consultant)

FALL 2022, WINTER 2023, SPRING 2023

Adapting Your Leadership for the Evolving Workplace

with Gillian Harper
Realize Organizational Development Consultant

FALL 2022 and WINTER 2023

Instructors with Current Industry Experience, Insights,
and Expertise

All our instructors are experts in their fields with years of experience as well as being active consultants. Enrollees in RealizeU courses gain exclusive access to industry experts and learn about the latest insights, strategies, techniques, and best practices grounded in research and current trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of a Live Learning Course?

    Our live learning courses all start off with some brief pre-session reading and reflections and are primarily centred around a 3-hour live lesson hosted in Zoom and Miro. During the live education session, students will be immersed in practical group work and instructed by our organizational development experts.

  • What's the best course for me?

    Great question! We offer an array of courses covering different topics and choosing one really comes down to what you are interested in focussing on at this point.

  • Can I enroll my whole team?

    Absolutely! For those taking our courses as a team, you may be eligible for an enterprise discount. Please reach out to our team for more information.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    We offer both an enterprise package discount as well as a member discount. If you are interested in learning more about either program, our team would be more than happy to chat.